Welcome to The Swamp Artist!


My art has always reflected my need to express the emotional connection I see in the world around me, primarily in nature. I grew up surrounded by a forest with a short access to a river. I did not often hear the sounds of the city beyond a boat on the nearby river or the occasional plane overhead. I found that all of nature is artistic, musical, emotional, beautiful and savage. I saw the souls of animals wild and domesticated, and as a child worked tirelessly to speak their language and learn their behaviors. I also spent hours drawing them, studying their bodies, how their muscles moved, the expressions they exhibited. In the passion of learning about how to draw animals I learned about many elements of art, from shadow and light, proportion, hue, value and lines. 

As life progressed for me, my art skills developed, and while I consider myself a multimedia artist, my main medium is acrylic and my style is unique to me. I do not often mix my paint colors on a palette, and I refrain from using water to thin my paint. Instead, I use the paint heavily on the canvas to create texture and mix colors as I paint. I've mastered the color blending and mixing to the point that I have taught other burgeoning artists how to achieve colors they cannot figure out themselves. 

I have been a professional artist for over 25 years. In that time, much of my art has made it throughout the continental United States, gained local attention, made newspapers, won awards and sought after by many people. Some artists put a high monetary value on their art, which is fine, but I grew up poor. I know the struggle of seeing someone want art in their home but not being able to afford it. I fill a niche in society by providing art to those on a budget or don't have triple digit dollars to put down on a painting. 

Portrait Orders


My price chart is simple:

​I offer three sizes on stretched canvas:

8x10    $35 (one pet only)

11x14  $40  (up to 2 pets)

16x20  $60  (up to 4 pets)

*Custom sizes are available upon request*

*I can combine multiple photos*

*Names can be added, as well as special requests for pets that have crossed the rainbow bridge*

Education and Entertainment

Art Instruction

From beginners to pros, I offer art technique classes that teach everything from shape, shadow and hue to color theory and proportion. Whether it is in-depth classes to refresher courses, I offer one-on-one or group instruction. 


Art Parties

Have a party but want something more interactive? 

I offer at-venue or at-home art parties. 

Depending on the season, interest and theme, I create a fun, interactive artistic experience for your guests. 

There could be painting, crafts, art related games...I tailor each party to suit the needs and budget of the host.